Natural Horse Care, or NHC, is a relatively new method for keeping horses that has been quickly gaining popularity worldwide over the last few years.  

NHC is based on a holistic approach that is focused on practical strategies that mimic the lifestyle that your horse would have if it were living in the wild.  This requires us to take into account the horses physiological and ethological needs.  Diet, proper movement, hoof care, veterinary care, chiropractic adjustments, dentistry, training, and the behavioural and social aspects of the natural equine lifestyle all play crucial roles.  

A key feature of the NHC approach on our farm are the paddock paradise track systems, which are essentially interconnected fenced pathways that lead to and from several spaced out wider areas that hold hay feeders, areas for foraging, mineral blocks, water, shelter, and rolling areas.  The nature of these tracks means that your horses will be moving constantly throughout the day.  Maintaining muscle tone, improving hoof function, and preventing boredom are just a few of the many benefits of this system. 

For more information visit: The Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices

Designing a system of horse care that works within the framework of the needs of the horse but still takes into account many of the desires of the human owners presents a unique set of challenges.  We are striving daily not only to meet those expectations, but to exceed them.

Our goal here at MeadowRidge Farm is to constantly seek to improve the lives of our horses, so that they develop into happier, healthier, and more relaxed athletes.